• Florida State Fraternity and Sorority Life Organizational Scorecards

Organization's Scorecard

Scorecard Key

Current Conduct Status Key
Good Standing No conduct action in the previous three years.
Previous Conduct Action Conduct violations within the past three years. Probation - Limited activity such as social probation. If organization has another conduct violation, more serious sanctions may be imposed.
Suspension Separation from the university of one semester up to two years.
Dismissed Separation from the university for two to seven years.
Sanctions Outstanding Sanctions have not been completed i.e. educational sanctions.
-- No conduct action/sanction/outcome in the previous three years.
Recognized Currently recognized by Florida State University.
Not Recognized Currently not recognized by Florida State University.
Inter/National HQ Standing is determined by the Inter/National Headquarters.
*Reflects data from the previous semester.

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