• Members of a Multicultural Greek Council Fraternity or Sorority

Prospective Members

What is Fraternity and Sorority Life?

A Community

The Greek community at Florida State University is composed of 54(inter) national Greek-letter fraternity and sorority chapters that are divided into four governing councils: Interfraternity CouncilMulticultural Greek CouncilNational Pan-Hellenic Council, and Panhellenic Association.

Individuals Making a Difference

There are over 7,000 students who are members of the Greek community at Florida State. Theses students come from diverse backgrounds and all across the world. They are involved in countless other campus activities including Student Government, Orientation, Residence Life, Intramurals, and many more.

Commitment to Leading a Better Life

Every fraternity and sorority is founded upon a set of values and ideals that are as timeless as the organization itself. These ideals are the foundation of each organizations’ rituals, and each man and woman initiated into a fraternity or sorority is not simply joining a college organization; going Greek is a lifelong personal commitment to lead an intentional life grounded in a set of values that build character, foster personal growth and development, and impact the world.

Why Go Greek?


Joining a fraternity or sorority at Florida State will give you a home away from home. As a member of a Greek organization, you will form meaningful connections and lifelong friendships with a diverse group of students who all share a common set of values and ideals.

Leadership Opportunities

Fraternities and sororities are learning laboratories that give students the opportunity to learn, test, and grow as they develop as individuals and as leaders. As student-run organizations, fraternities and sororities elect members to serve in positions ranging from Philanthropy Chair to President.

Giving Back to the Community

Every fraternity and sorority believes in making a difference in the world, and members of the Florida State Greek community never stop giving back. Greek organizations at FSU host their own community service and philanthropic activities as well as participate in Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, and other major campus service events, devoting countless hours and millions of dollars to causes greater than themselves.


All members of fraternities and sororities share one commonality: they are students first. Greek organizations at Florida State consistently rank at or above the undergraduate grade point average, and many chapters host intentional programming geared at improving the scholastic performance of its members.

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